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National Friends of Animals Chamber of Commerce® II

NFACC1 90x65 National Friends of Animals Chamber of Commerce® II

National Friends of Animals Chamber of Commerce® – NFACC


NFACC is the only national project specifically dedicated to expanding the economic opportunities and advancements of Animals’ Friendly business community. Seeking new opportunities for community advocacy, specifically in the economic arena, the NFACC was created as the exclusive project for certification as a Animals’ Friendly business enterprise.

What we willing to do:

· Provide the ability to collect and disseminate news and information central to the success of Animals’ Friendly businesses and professionals on a national level.

· Work with corporate partners, other organizations and the community at large to ensure increased opportunity and equality for Animals’ Friendly professionals.

· Provide supplier diversity certification to help Animals’ Friendly businesses gain more procurement opportunities.

Super Vets

globesocial 90x65 Super Vets

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Hope – Fountainheads – Yom Haatzmaut

fheads 90x65  Hope   Fountainheads   Yom Haatzmaut

Vocals and vocal arrangements by Yoav Hoze, Shani Lachmish, Zlil Robenstein, Yahala Lachmish, Jeff Petroff (orig. rap), and Yehuda Deutch. Illustration art by Ory Pinchasy.


janechavantesss 90x65 Life