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Pamela Geller on FOX News Discussing NY TImes Hypocrisy

Pamela Geller 2011 90x65 Pamela Geller on FOX News Discussing NY TImes Hypocrisy

The media has been all over the story of the NY Times hypocrisy in favoring Islam while criticizing Catholism. Mark Steyn at NRO here, Daily Caller here, Volokh here, Business Insider here, Human Events here, Catholic Online here, the uber-left, Soros-funded Think Progess is in a tizzy. You will notice that in the Think Progress piece they never mention the anti-Catholic ad or Times inconsistency. But they could not have missed them as those are the central aspects of the story. So they know. This proves that Think Progess intentionally misleads its readership. The New York Times Rejects Anti-Muslim Advertisement makes it sound as if Geller just wanted to run an anti-Islam ad out of racistislamophbicantimuslimbigotry.

I have been inundated with interviews all morning on shows all over the country and a few from Europe. And so when FOX news called, I was unable to make it to the studio, but I was able to fit in the phone interview in this video. Note FOX’s take on the story. They do not address the motive, the fear, the sharia behind the New York Times’ craven hypocrisy. Instead they focused on the inconsistency of the Times accepting one ad and rejecting another, without clearly explaining why or the reasons for explaining the reasons for the inconsistency which accords with FOX’s increasing tendency not to address this subject matter at all.

Megyn Kelly refers to our ad as an anti-Islam ad. It is not. It is a rebuttal ad. New York Times accused of Catholic bashing, double standard on religion FOX News, Published March 15, 2012 The New York Times is being accused of having a double standard when it comes to questioning religion, after it ran an ad calling on Catholics to leave their church, but nixed a nearly identical ad aimed at Muslims. The newspaper published an ad from Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation on March 9 which asked Catholics, “why send your children to parochial schools to be indoctrinated into the next generation of obedient donors and voters?” The ad went on to call loyalty to the faith misplaced “after two decades of sex scandals involving preying priests, church complicity, collusion and cover-up going all the way to the top.” But when Pamela Geller, a blogger and executive director of the American Freedom Defense Initiative and Stop Islamization of America, offered the same $39,000 for the Old Gray Lady to run an ad making a similar appeal to Muslims, the newspaper passed. “This shows the hypocrisy of The New York Times, the “gold standard” in journalism, and its willingness to kowtow to violent Islamic supremacist intimidation,” Geller told Geller said her anti-Shariah ad was designed to mimic the anti-Catholic. In calling on Muslims to quit their religion, the ad asked “Why put up with an institution that dehumanizes women and non-Muslims … [do] you keep identifying with the ideology that threatens liberty for women and menaces freedom by slaughtering, oppressing and subjugating non-Muslims… Join those of us who put humanity above the vengeful, hateful and violent teachings of Islam’s ‘prophet.'”

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