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PETA Extends Deadline for $1 Million Prize for First ‘Test Tube Chicken’

dog1bc 90x65 PETA Extends Deadline for $1 Million Prize for First Test Tube Chicken

Norfolk, Va. — In 2008, when PETA announced a $1 million prize for the first laboratory to use chicken cells to create in vitro (test tube) meat if the product were commercially viable by June 30, 2012, few people believed that there would ever be such a thing. Back then, there was no public awareness of this quiet scientific endeavor, and the scientists who had pioneered the idea of chicken meat grown in a laboratory vat of nutrients were in danger of giving up because of a lack of money as funding is vital to the research-and-development process. Now, though, everything has changed: PETA’s contest put in vitro meat on the map, spawning hundreds of news stories and creating a buzz that resonated around the world. Since then, sponsorships have blossomed to include a grant of more than $1 million to a Dutch research team and the first-ever taste test of an in vitro hamburger developed by Dr. Mark Post and scheduled for October. The leader in PETA’s contest is widely considered to be Dr. Gabor Forgacs of the University of Missouri and Modern Meadow, the first scientist in North America to produce and consume a tissue-engineered meat product. He is currently developing methods for commercial production.

Garth Kemp ABC 7 Dog Blooper

dog1bc 90x65 Garth Kemp ABC 7 Dog Blooper

Garth Kemp ABC 7 Dog Blooper

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